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Vancouver Phlebotomy Symposium

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Victoria Phlebotomy Symposium

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BC Phlebotomy Symposiums 2017


Vancouver: April 21/22

Victoria: April 23/24


Check out this promo video by Dennis Ernst

  • World class presentations on phlebotomy and blood collection. An engaging, inspiring and educational experience.


1 and 2 day options

Pricing Structure

BCSLS Member: 2 Day $85, 1 Day $65

Non-Member: 2 Day $105, 1 Day $85

Student: 2 Day $60, 1 Day $50

Delegate handouts


Vancouver Registration

Where: St. Paul's Hospital

1081 Burrard St, Vancouver

Cullen Family Conference Room

Providence building, Floor 1



Hotel: Century Plaza Hotel & Spa

For a discount call the hotel and ask for the governtment rate ($112), using your government ID/Heath Authority ID


Victoria Registration


Where: Royal Jubilee Hospital, Begbie Hall,

1952 Bay St, Victoria

Woodward Room


Victoria poster

Agenda & Abstract



Day 1: LECTURE SERIES, Presented by: BD
Sessions will be presented by BD, Global Leader in Health and Innovation. Providing an array of information focused on blood collection for both Medical laboratory assistants and Nurses who practice blood collection.
Informative and engaging educational experience for all staff.


Day 2: Dennis Ernst


  Preliminary video


Click here for full descriptions

  • Avoiding Phlebotomy-Related Injuries
  • Top Ten Preanalytical Threats to Accurate Results
  • What Would You Do?
  • What’s New in Phlebotomy?
  • Open Forum


Dennis Ernst: MT (ASCP), NCPT (NCCT) International lecturer and author. Considered by many to be the foremost authority in phlebotomy in the world, Mr. Ernst is the Director of the Center for Phlebotomy Education, Editor of the Phlebotomy Today newsletters, and Chairholder of the CLSI committee responsible for the revision of the venipuncture standard, to be released later this year. He is often called upon to serve as an expert witness at trials involving phlebotomy related injuries and has appeared on network television shows like Dateline NBC to provide insight on venipuncture procedures.



Delegate Handouts

**Not every speaker has handouts

Day 1 Vancouver only Handouts

Blood Culture Collection Best Practice

Serving Patients with Autism

Blood Draws & Babies: Best Practice Based on the Evidence

"CollaborACTION": Collaboration, Education and Support Between ICU and Lab Increasing Patient Safety"

Day 1 Victoria Only Handouts

Enhancing Patient Safety Through Improved Blood Culturing

Serving Patients with Autism

Day 2: Dennis Ernst handouts

Avoiding Phlebotomy-Related Injuries

Top Ten Preanalytical Threats

What’s New in Phlebotomy?





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Above information will be posted 1-7 days before the event day.  This is due to the timing of receiving the speakers presentation.


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Topics Under Consideration:

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For past seminar information, including PowerPoint slides and slide handouts to our Archives section.


Some seminars may be recorded for webcasting at a later date.



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Registration fees: BCSLS members $25, non-members $50



April 11, Tuesday @ 6pm


Travel Medicine: An Introduction to Common Diseases and Emerging Pathogens

with Dr. Michael Payne

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Special individual 'bulk'

telehealth registration

  • Pre-purchase 6 seminars for the cost of 4
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MLA Days can be held anywhere in BC.  If you are interested in helping BCSLS put on an MLA Education Day in your area or region?  BCSLS will support you and your local committee, by taking care of all of the registration, accounting, promotion (website, emailing) and printing. The office has the templates for confirmation letters, promotion emails, reminder letters, thank-you letters, etc….

The local organizing committee (usually two or three people) will need to choose the date, find the four speakers, order coffee and lunch, and book the location.
We find that a good time year for these MLA Days are in March or April. Organizing needs to start 3-4 months beforehand.

IF you are interested in organizing an MLA Day in your region, please contact the BCSLS office. We will be happy to help make it a success.