Overview and Agenda

Surrey April 5/6 & Nanaimo April 7/8


Congratulations to the winners of The 2019 BCSLS Medical Laboratory Assistant Preceptor Excellence Award

  • Nicole Walters & Laura Hay - Awarded in Nanaimo

  • Sabirah Mohammed & Rosanna Vernon - Awarded in Surrey

  • We would also like to recognize Denise Clarkson, Jennifer Lobb, and Kamala Parwar with an Honorary Mention as having made a very elite and short list of worthy candidates!

World class presentations on phlebotomy and blood collection

An engaging, inspiring and educational experience for medical laboratory assistants (MLA’s), phlebotomy supervisors, medical laboratory technologists (MLT’s), nurses who perform blood collection, phlebotomy educators, pathologists, laboratory site supervisors, managers and students – in fact, anyone who is involved in any way with blood collection and phlebotomy.


Surrey Agenda / Nanaimo Agenda …. Topics are the same at both locations but the timing is a little different.

Two Day lecture series  

  • GUEST SPEAKER: Anne-Marie Martel, M.T., Scientific Affairs lead at OPTMQ, Chair of pre-examination expert panel for CLSI, Chair of CSA Group for Medical Laboratory Quality Systems and Canadian expert on Pre-Analytics. We are pleased and fortunate to introduce Canadian Anne-Marie Martel to BC as the main speaker and presenter for This Year’s Symposium. In close collaboration with the rest of the CLSI expert panel (including Dennis Ernst,) Anne-Marie’s knowledge and experience will be of great benefit at this Signature Event providing engaging and informative Analytical sessions.

    • Day 1: Part 1: Blood Collection Process - New Recommendations and Part 2: Blood Collection Process - Demystifying the Order of Draw

    • Day 2: 1. Factors That Affect the Integrity of Samples, Before, During and After the Collection, and 2. Applying the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations in Your Practice

  • BD lecture series: presented by BD, Global Leader in Health and Innovation. BD has partnered with BCSLS, Lower Mainland Labs, Lifelabs and Island Health to bring Informative and engaging educational experience for all staff. In addition to technical information, we look forward to providing topics of interest and relevance to today’s challenges and concerns in Health, Personal lives and in the Workplace

      • Speaker Presentations:

        • The Happy Patient: Improving Patient Experience

        • Conflict Resolution

        • (Surrey) Newborn Screening in BC

        • (Nanaimo) Setting the Pediatric Patient up for a Successful Blood Test

        • Code White....Really??

        • CSMLS Code of Ethics - Overview and Case Studies

        • Brain Health 101