BCSLS Medical Laboratory Assistant Preceptor Excellence Award

Congratulations to the winners of The 2019 BCSLS Medical Laboratory Assistant Preceptor Excellence Award

  • Nicole Walters & Laura Hay - Awarded in Nanaimo

  • Sabirah Mohammed & Rosanna Vernon - Awarded in Surrey

We would also like to recognize Denise Clarkson, Jennifer Lobb, and Kamala Parwar with an Honorary Mention as having made a very elite and short list of worthy candidates!

The BCSLS Medical Laboratory Assistant Preceptor Excellence Award recognizes an MLA who has demonstrated excellence in precepting, mentoring, & leadership. 

The Preceptor Excellence Award was developed in 2019 to recognize outstanding contributions that Medical Laboratory Assistants make as trainers and leaders to newly hired staff.  These individuals establish and reinforce preanalytical best practice standards as the norm for newly hired staff while encouraging compassion with patients and colleagues.   They create a supportive environment for learners that facilitates growth, critical thinking, and development of technical skills that will later be passed along to other members of the team.   

Nature of the Award 

The award to be presented at the Annual BCSLS Pre/Post Analytical Symposium and consists of an award and complementary symposium registration.  


  • Must be currently employed as a Medical Laboratory Assistant within the province of British Columbia  

  • Must have been actively engaged in teaching new hires or students over the past 12 months 

Evaluation Criteria

Applications will be evaluated based upon the following criteria (not in rank order): 

  • Feedback from supervisor/employer 

  • Feedback from mentees/trainees.  

  • Demonstrated strict adherence to phlebotomy best practice standards 

  • Demonstrated a desire to promote and educate on phlebotomy best practice standards 

  • Demonstrated commitment to continuous learning for personal and professional development 

Nomination Process

  • The deadline for nominations is Feb 1st, 2019.   

Selection Process

  • Selection is made by the BCSLS Pre/Post Analytical Symposium Planning committee. 

  • Award recipients will be notified via phone or email on or before March 1st, 2019.