Confirmed Speakers

The BCSLS Annual Congress is our premiere event of the year, bringing together laboratory professionals, educators, and industry representatives from across the province and nationally.

  • This page is for those speakers who have been approached and approved to speak at the BCSLS Congress in New Westminster.

congress SPEAKER information


  • Lecture - 50 minutes + 10 minute Q&A period, Double Lecture - 110 minutes + 10 Q/A, Workshop - prearranged with Congress committee

It is the expectation of BCSLS Congress 2019 that as a speaker you will work to meet the presentation submission deadline of Sunday September 15, 2019  

Methods of presenting at Congress (This must be confirmed with the Scientific Chair - Rosa Jo)

  • Lecture. 50 minutes time slots to share your wisdom with the audience plus a 10 minutes for Q&A period. (If you have more than one idea that you would like to share please apply for two separate lectures.)

    Double-Slot Lecture. You will have two session times (back-to-back) to present a more in depth presentation. You must be more flexible in your choice of desired day and time slots. 110 minutes plus 10 min Q&A. There might be a break in the middle.

  • Workshop. A more interactive presentation relevant to current MLT / MLA hands on work (eg Bone Marrow workshop). This type of workshop would cover 2 or 3 times slots on any given day. Please ensure you are available for any day during the congress as the workshops are harder to schedule because of their duration. However please indicate your preference for which day you prefer.

Audience: BCSLS is a professional association of Medical Laboratory Technologists and Medical Laboratory Assistants working in public and private medical laboratories throughout British Columbia, Canada. The estimated number of attendees at each presentation can be anywhere between 15-70. We won’t have a more accurate estimate until one month prior, as delegates sign up for specific lectures they wish to attend.

Compensation (will need receipts if applicable):

  • A small gift will be presented by the Congress Committee in appreciation of the Speakers’ donation of time and expertise.

  • A one-day congress registration and lunch for the day you are presenting. You are welcome to join any of the other lectures that day.

    • Discount pricing if you would like to attend any other days.

  • If you are travelling from outside of the Lower Mainland then:

    • One night’s accommodation at the Congress headquarters hotel. Must be booked by you before July 31st.

    • 1 day meal allowance of up to $50

  • Basic Travel Expenses for Gas or Public Transportation]

Speakers’ Responsibilities:

  1. Registering yourself as a Congress speaker

  2. Sending the following information to the BCSLS office (angie@bscls.net): Bio, title of presentation, Presentation description, AV requirements.

  3. Transportation arrangements.  We are hoping that you will be able to drive, skytrain or bus to New Westminster. 

  4. Accommodation arrangements

    1. If you are from out of town, please book your hotel right away, as there is only one decent hotel in New Westminster.  Book soon as rooms fill up fast. 

      1. https://www.bcsls.net/accommodation-1/

  5. Presentation submission deadline is Sunday September 15, 2019

  6. Submitting your expenses after Congress, no later than Oct 15, 2019. A BCSLS Expense form will be provided.

 Honoraria: A gift will be presented by the Congress Committee in appreciation of the Speakers’ donation of time and expertise.

Extra Comments: 

  • In the event of two or more speakers presenting a single lecture, accommodation, transportation and meal expenses will be paid for the equivalent of one speaker.

  • In the event of one speaker presenting two topics in one day then BCSLS will cover your expenses for 1 day.

  • In the event of one speaker presenting on two different days, BCSLS will cover two night’s accommodation if you need it.

  • SOCIAL EVENTS: You are welcome to join us at our social events on Friday and Saturday evening but you will need to purchase your ticket(s) separately on our social events webpage. You can however join us for free at the Exhibitor’s Reception on Friday by emailing Angie to let her know.

  • You will need to submit your full presentation (PowerPoint) to the office no later than September 19th.