Scientific Agenda

Speakers and Topics

The BCSLS Annual Congress is our premiere event of the year, bringing together laboratory professionals, educators, and industry representatives from across the province and nationally.

Continually we will keep updating this page. Scientific Program will be coming in the summer.


  • Accreditation in the Modern Lab

  • Addressing Ontario's Projected Shortage of Medical Laboratory Professionals

  • Encouraging Critical Thinking in Learning and Teaching

  • Ethics: A CSMLS Workshop

  • Gender X: What Does it Mean for the Lab?

  • Harmonizing the Investigation and Management of Warm Autoantibodies Across Two Large Health Authorities

  • In The Zone - Finding the Sweet Spot for Supporting Change

  • Leadership and Future of Laboratory Medicine

  • Leading & Learning: You Can’t Have One Without the Other

  • Organizational Culture and Frontline Ownership

  • Point Of Care Testing

  • The Evolution of Transplantation Testing

  • Transfusion Reactions

  • Urine Flow Cytometry as a screening method for cultures

  • Von Willebrand Disease: A Comprehensive Review and Modern Diagnostic Methods


  • “Core Lab Covered” Knowing Sooner

  • Building and Benefits of Tissue MicroArrays

  • Building Strong Partnerships and Embracing Courageous Innovation – Island Health’s Point of Care Testing Program.

  • Dealing with the Health Human Resources Crisis in Medical Laboratory Science - The CSMLS Call to Action

  • Early Diagnosis of Sepsis; Novel and existing Laboratory Testing Used in Diagnosis: A Multi-Discipline Approach

  • Genetics of Gender Determination

  • iCAPC: Quality Control for Critical IHC Biomarkers

  • Immunohistochemistry - Tales from the Dark Side

  • Interesting Hematology Cases... Why Your Work Matters

  • Interference with Biochemical Tests and Its Clinical Significance. Can I Result This Test?

  • Medicine and the Half Life of TRUTH

  • Organisms in the News….Candida Auris and Friends.

  • Pitfalls of IHC

  • The Interrelated Challenges of Absenteeism and Presenteeism

  • Thriving in Complexity: Building Leadership and Trust, and Engaging Physicians in Quality Improvement


More being added…

  • Canadian Pathology Research Support

  • Cardiovascular Medicine & Thrombosis : Update & Review

  • ECMO

  • General / Leadership

  • High Fat, Low-Carb, Real Food Eating: Is Keto for You?

  • Pathology & Laboratory Medicine in Under-Resourced Countries: Philanthropy the Essence of Global Health

  • PPA

  • Sugar: Public Enemy #1?

  • The General Usefulness of Lab Techs in a Survival Situation

  • The Lab's Role in Early Discharge Planning