Telehealth Archives


April 19: Shingles, What You Need To Know  with Dr. Ghada Al-Rawahi.  Waiting for confirmation to post PDF of the presentation.

Mar 15: Stories in Toxicology with Dr. Morris PudekPresentation in PDF format


Dec 1:Point-of-Care Lactate Testing – An Essential Tool in the Management of Critically Ill Patients with Dr. Even NtrivalasPresentation in PDF format

Oct 29: Illicit fentanyl overdoses and deaths in BC with Dr. Palaty & Dr. BuxtonPresentation in PDF format

June 7: New Era in Point-of-Care Glucose Testing: Clinical and Regulatory Impact with Dr. Even Ntrivalas. Presentation in PDF format

May 12: Viral Hemorrhagic Fever/Ebola: Are we ready for it?with Dr. Aleksandra StefanovicPresentation in PDF format

Mar 19: 3 Dangerous Trends that Keep Employees Stressed and How to Avoid Them Forever with Lucas Mattiello. Presentation in PDF format

Jan 22: Diabolical Dengue, Heinous Herpes: Impact on Hemostasis with Dr. Pryzdial. Presentation in PDF format



Nov 22: Regulatory College and What it Means to You with Malcolm Ashford. Presentation in PDF format

Oct 19: Beta-HCG testing: what can go wrong? with Dr. Richard Cleve. Presentation in PDF format

Apr 11: Travel Medicine: An Introduction to Common Diseases and Emerging Pathogens with Dr. Michael Payne. Presentation in PDF format

Mar 16: Responding to rising opioid overdoses; what next? with Dr. Jane Buxton.  Presentation in PDF format

Feb 16: Medical Leadership in the Laboratory with Martin Trotter. Presentation in PDF format

Jan 24: Biochemical Markers of Infection: CRPand Procalcitonin  with Richard Cleve. Presentation in PDF format



Nov 24: Measuring Diagnostic Accuracy in Medical Laboratory, Pathology and Beyond with Dr. Myles. Presentation in PDF format

Oct 27:  Customer Service in the Laboratory with Dr. Noble & Baljit Singh

May 31:  Selection and Interpretation of Thyroid Tests with Dr. Reynolds. Presentation not authorized to share

April 28:   The Things You Can Do With a Blood Gas Analyzer with Dr. DooleyPresentation in PDF format

Mar 22:  Hemolytic Anemias in the Adult with Dr. OnellPresentation in PDF format

Feb 23:  Paralyzed Without Warning – A Couple’s Journey Back from Guillain-Barre Syndrome with Dr. Chapman. Presentation not authorized to share

Jan 26:  Assessing Neonatal Anemia and Jaundice with Dr. Jonaki MannaPresentation in PDF format