Telehealth Seminars

Telehealth Seminars 

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Telehealth seminars are for Laboratory Professionals across BC.  Throughout the year we offer topics specific to your profession, Leadership and personal interest.  BCSLS will do a live broadcast to our telehealth sites across BC.  A 2 hour seminar with time for Q&A.  

  • Costs: BCSLS Members - $25, Non-members - $50.

  • Many employers will pay for your member price to attend... ask them!

  • Small groups (2-50 people) can participate from their closest site location. See the Site Lists

  • We now have WebEx capabilities. You can participate from your own computer. Only 25 spots available! Register using the individual registration link for each Telehealth

Thursday April 25, 2019, 6-8pm

Thalassemia: A Comprehensive Review and Visual Assessment

With Terence Litavec

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Thalassemia is the name given to a collective group of related hemoglobinopathies. These inherited disorders were first identified in the Mediterranean, but they are now known to affect up to 280 million people in every continent on Earth to varying degrees of severity. Thalassemia patients can be asymptomatic carriers who unknowingly pass the genetic trait on to their children, which makes genetic counseling an indispensible tool for early detection and treatment.

This presentation will describe the different types of Thalassemia and the laboratory methods used to identify them. There will also be microscopic images of the common red blood cell abnormalities associated with Thalassemia and other similar hemoglobinopathies for comparison to aid in proper diagnosis.

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