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Making up the third-largest medical profession in the province, B.C. MLTs and MLAs provide critical information that is used in 85 percent of decisions about diagnosis and treatment.

IMPORTANT Update on the new College of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Health Professions [CDTHP] – August 2019.

Going into this past spring the only remaining steps for launching the new regulatory college for MLTs and 3 other professions were:

  • ·         Posting for public review the draft College Regulations, these go out for 90 days of comment. The regulations are finished.

  • ·         After a 90-day public review the Ministry collates feedback & will make any change if required (minimal change is expected because of the large number of stakeholders already consulted].

  • ·         Minister Dix signs off on the regulations and College is official

Our umbrella college, “the College of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Health Professions” was designated under the Designation Regulation [HPA] as a college over two years ago by the Provincial Cabinet. Although… READ MORE


What BCSLS does...


Advocating for Medical Laboratory Professionals since 1969. We advocate on behalf of the profession with the provincial government, health authorities, and coordinating bodies (e.g. Diagnostic Accreditation Program, Private Career Training Agency, Provincial Laboratory Coordinating Organization and the BC Academic Health Council). We send representatives to educational advisory committees, health regulatory organizations meetings, and liaise with other health professional associations and unions. We also participate with CSMLS in national task forces and other initiatives.


Ensuring that quality education is available to our members, and that it is relevant and affordable. Enhancing our members' competency in-step with advances in scientific knowledge and information technology. We organize lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences, and distance education courses to  update your skills to keep pace with changing conditions in the workplace. 


Proactively developing policies on matters affecting the practice of medical laboratory technology and raising issues for public discussion where there is a concern for public safety.

Members have the opportunity to contribute to advancing their profession by serving on the Board of Directors, committees and task forces. By volunteering you can gain important skills and insights that can assist with your career. 


 Expressing the needs, concerns and opinions of our membership regarding the conduct and development of their profession and their careers. Our aim is to positively influence health care stakeholders to improve the provincial laboratory system.


Current MLA members with BCSLS certification receive professional liability insurance coverage with their annual membership fee.


Our communication is a two-way process. We listen to your concerns! Our staff and board members are available to discuss matters important to you and the profession. We keep you informed of emerging issues through emails and social media.


Providing and promoting opportunities for our members to meet and communicate to gain advice and support one another in their professional practice and career development.


Our members are recognized throughout the province as meeting high standards of education and clinical experience. We maintain a database of members, so that with your permission, we can verify your credentials to employers.

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