BCSLS Membership

New Membership & Member Renewals

  • The BCSLS membership year is from May 1st to April 30th
  • To edit your membership details please email the BCSLS office angie@bcsls.net
  • MLA CERTIFICATION information

next year: May 1 2018 - april 30 2019

MLT/MLA Renewals, & New members


SPECIAL: Apply for your BCSLS certification and we will give you the current year's  membership for FREE!!  

For the 2018/19 mail-in membership form click here


REMEMBER... MLAs who are BCSLS certified and keep their membership current, will receive Professional Liability Insurance.  Some level of uncertainty is present in all lab work. But your professional status is NOT dependent on random variables. For more information, click here

Membership Types

  • Medical Laboratory Technologists: $139.00 - MLTs working in a Canadian laboratory.
  • Medical Laboratory Assistants: $85.00 - MLAs working in a Canadian laboratory.
  • Affiliate Membership: $80.00 - Retired or MLT or MLA not currently working in a laboratory.
  • Student Membership: $75.00 - students enrolled in approved programs leading to certification by CSMLS or BCSLS.

MLA Certification:

  • MLA Certification only (one-time fee): $89.00  - for graduates of BC MLA programs.  Details on the right side of this page.
  • MLA Certification & Membership: $149.00 - reduced rate (This is for graduates of BC MLA programs only). Combined certification (one-time) and first year of BCSLS membership (annual).  **Fees include MLA Liability Insurance for current MLA members who are also BCSLS certified.

Member Benefits

Advocacy: We advocate on behalf of the profession with the provincial government, health authorities, and coordinating bodies (e.g. Diagnostic Accreditation Program, Private Career Training Agency, Provincial Laboratory Coordinating Organization and the BC Academic Health Council). We send representatives to educational advisory committees, health regulatory organizations meetings, and liaise with other health professional associations and unions. We also participate with CSMLS in national task forces and other initiatives.

Recognition: Our members are recognized throughout the province as meeting high standards of education and clinical experience. We maintain a database of members, so that with your permission, we can verify your credentials to employers.

Education: We organize lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences, and distance education courses to maintain your knowledge and update your skills to keep pace with changing conditions in the workplace. Our members enjoy special low rates on all such events and services.

Communication: Our communication is a two-way process. We listen to your concerns! Our staff and board members are available to discuss matters important to you and the profession. We keep you informed of emerging issues through our newsletter, broadcast faxes, e-mail notices, information-rich website and events.

Leadership: Members have the opportunity to contribute to advancing their profession by serving on the Board of Directors, committees and task forces. By volunteering you can gain important skills and insights that can assist with your career. BCSLS regularly recognizes its volunteers through short and long-term service awards.

Insurance: Current MLA members with BCSLS certification receive professional liability insurance coverage with their annual membership fee.