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Medical Laboratory Assistants

Medical laboratory assistant certification

The society's certification program validates that an individual has attained a recognized level of standards and training through BCSLS approved educational institutions.

To obtain BCSLS certification you have two options:

1.    BCSLS reviews applications from public and private colleges, to determine whether their MLA programs meet BCSLS Competency Guidelines.  Graduates of the below approved programs can apply for BCSLS certification after graduation.

2.    Successfully write the challenge exam through OSMT.  Once you have this, you can apply for BCSLS certification.  You will need to supply us with a copy of your OSMT certificate.

BCSLS certification:  Once you have a diploma from one of the above institutions or an OSMT certificate then apply for BCSLS Certification.  Apply from our Membership page.

Note:  CSMLS certification for MLA’s does not have an ECG component that BC requires to work - so anyone wanting BC certification should consider getting certified through BCSLS instead of or as well as CSMLS.  

mla certification vs membership

BCSLS MLA Certification is a one-time process in which we validates that an individual has attained a recognized level of standards and training through BCSLS approved educational institutions.  Certification application is $89.  You will need to email proof by sending in a copy of our MLA diploma or OSMT MLA certificate.

BCSLS MLA Membership is renewed each year for a 12 month period. Membership has many benefits: Leadership opportunities, significant discounts on educational seminars and Congress, the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting and hold elected office with BCSLS.  Membership is $85 annually.

MLA Professional Liability Insurance

 Medical Laboratory Assistants who are current BCSLS members (annual renewal) and are also BCSLS certified are entitled to professional liability insurance

DID YOU KNOW? BCSLS and OSMT have partnered with LMS PROLINK to deliver an enhanced Professional Liability Insurance program for BCSLS certified members.

PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY - This type of coverage protects you against liability or damages due to allegations of a negligent act, error, omission or malpractice arising from your profession as a Medical Laboratory Assistant and within your scope of practice including delegated acts communicated by a Laboratory or Medical Practitioner. For more information, click here

Apply for certification or membership from our Membership page.

MLT Students applying for Temporary phlebotomy certification

We have suspended the phlebotomy certification for MLT students, pending further review.  

Medical Laboratory Technologists

medical laboratory technologist certification

You must be certified with the CSMLS to work as an MLT in BC.  

Canadian Trained Lab Professionals

Internationally Trained Lab Professionals

Medical Laboratory Technologist membership

You can become a member of BCSLS, regardless of your MLT Certification process with CSMLS. For more information see our Membership page.