Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

BCSLS has developed this privacy policy to ensure the Society’s compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act of British Columbia. BCSLS has voluntarily complied with the provisions of BC’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act since 1998. This current policy addresses the 10 Rules of the new Act (PIPA) in the following manner:

  1. Identify Purposes: individuals applying for membership are informed of how the personal information contained on the membership form will be used
  2. Limit Collection: information collected on members is limited to that required to contact them at home/work or to establish their eligibility for the Society’s voluntary certification program for medical laboratory assistants. When an individual runs for office for the Society, the individual is asked for a personal statement to support their candidacy.
  3. Get Consent: all individuals sign membership application forms and the forms contain a description of how personal information is used by BCSLS.
  4. Limit Use, Disclosure: membership information is used to communicate with members and is not accessible to outside organizations (notwithstanding the obligation to respond to a subpoena).
  5. Reasonable Security: all paper and electronic membership files are stored in (a) our office or (b) a secure storage room. Both locations are secured when not occupied/supervised by staff.
  6. Be Responsible: the Executive Director is named as the Privacy Officer of the Society and will respond to all complaints or requests with 2 weeks.
  7. Be Open and Transparent: the organization promotes openness and transparency when dealing with members in all matters.
  8. Ensure Accuracy: BCSLS checks the accuracy of membership data through regular monitoring of mailings, emails and telephone calls and updates information as required.
  9. Right of Access/Correction or Annotation: each member has the right to view their own personal information collected/stored by BCSLS.
  10. Provide Recourse: if an individual member is not satisfied with the response of the Privacy Officer, the member has the right to take their concern or complaint to the President of the Board of Directors.

ACTIVITIES of BCSLS using personal information:

  1. mail/email/fax distribution of newsletters, membership renewals, seminar notices
  2. Enrolment of registrants in seminars and correspondence courses
  3. Enrolment of certified MLA members in professional liability insurance offered through our connection with the Ontario Society of Medical Technologist
  4. Approval of applicants for the Society’s voluntary medical laboratory assistant certification program.

Approved by the Board on November 21, 2003